Fall Council Meeting

Cave Creek Resort and Conference Center
Carefree, AZ Friday, Nov. 14




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In 1944, THE QUESTERS was founded by  Jessie Elizabeth Bardens to further  knowledge and education about antiques, and to encourage the preservation, restoration and conservation of historic buildings, sites and antiquities. 

Jessie Elizabeth Bardens expressed, "The powers of the mind are memory and imagination: without memory, we have no past; without imagination, no future". 

She felt that a person's curiosity, enthusiasm, imagination and memory contribute to constructively acquiring information on our past and utilizing that knowledge to save our history for future generations.

Questers take great pride in their personal education about antiques and their collections, in sharing their knowledge and collections with other Questers, and enjoying friendships with other members.

There are 28 Questers chapters in Arizona. You can find out about them by clicking here.

You can learn more about the International Questers by clicking here.