State Fall Meeting
Nov 16, 2017

Country Club
Sun City West





Remembering Arizona Questers Beginnings

Lois Bostwick Michaelis 1909-1987 

Lois became a member of Questers Chipita Chapter #143 in Colorado in 1960.  From 1960 to 1984 Lois served as Chapter President, Colorado State Organizer Chair & Rocky Mountain Organizer Chair, serving eleven states including Arizona.
She initiated the first AZ State Meeting (1973). She was AZ State Organizer Chair and National Subscriptions Chair.
Lois was a contributing editor to "Adapting American Antiques." She was co-author of a weekly Sunday magazine, "Adapting Antiques", in the Daily Camera newspaper of Boulder, Colorado.
Lois organized 21 Quester chapters in Colorado and the first 18 chapters in Arizona. This included the first chapter in AZ called Buscadores #352 in Tucson, AZ and the second chapter, Echoes of the Past #409 in Prescott, AZ. Saguaro #539 was the first chapter in Sun City organized in 1972.
In 1973, Lois recommended Mrs. Marge Magill, of Scottsdale, to succeed her as AZ State Organizer Chair. Marge later became National President of Questers from 1982-1984.
Lois continued as a guest speaker on many topics such as "grandmother's trunk", "grandfather's trunk" and personal collections until her death in 1987.
A beautiful book of memorabilia from newspapers, luncheons, and Quester newsletters from 1960-1989 honoring Lois Michaelis remains in the family’s possession and was displayed at the Arizona Questers 40th Anniversary event in November of 2015.